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Join the Persona team.

We’re looking for passionate individuals to join our team. If you’re inspired by technology’s potential to revolutionize healthcare, apply for one of our open positions today.

To apply, send your resume and cover letter to:

Current career opportunities.

Data Scientist/Health Informatics Analyst

Play a pivotal part in our mission to reshape healthcare through data-driven insights. Your responsibilities will involve leveraging your analytical skills to mine and interpret extensive patient data, uncovering valuable patterns and trends that will inform the evolution of remote patient monitoring and health informatics. Your work will drive informed decision-making, predictive analytics, and innovation in patient care, ultimately leading to improved healthcare outcomes. If you are passionate about the potential of data to transform healthcare and want to be a part of our innovative, remote-based team, we encourage you to apply.

Integration specialists/API developers

Join us and be responsible for integrating developing and integrating APIs that facilitate the secure and efficient exchange of data between our remote patient monitoring platform and various healthcare systems and devices. Your expertise will play a pivotal role in ensuring the interoperability of medical devices, electronic health records, and other key components of our system. If you are a skilled developer with a passion for building robust integrations and want to be at the forefront of healthcare innovation, this remote position offers an exciting opportunity to make a significant impact in the industry. Join us and be part of our dynamic work environment where your skills and creativity can thrive.

Business Development Manager

Be at the forefront of transforming healthcare through innovation and strategic partnerships. In this role, you will be responsible for identifying new business opportunities, forging key partnerships, and expanding our market presence in the remote patient monitoring and health informatics industry. Your efforts will be instrumental in driving the growth and success of our company, as you collaborate with healthcare providers, insurance companies, and other stakeholders to build relationships and drive our mission forward. If you are a proactive and results-driven professional with a passion for shaping the future of healthcare, we invite you to apply for this remote position and be a part of our dynamic team, where your skills and vision will have a meaningful impact.