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Persona Cloud

Patient-perfect monitoring, engineered for your workflow.

Not sure where to begin? Start slow or hit the ground running with your own RPM program through Persona’s flexible, API-driven platform. Experience simple patient onboarding, data collection, monitoring, integration and billing.

Optimized for hospitals, clinics and research.

We understand the challenges of managing patient data flows from outside the walls of your system. Whether you’re a hospital in a highly populated area, a clinic with only a few hundred patients, or a research institution monitoring a decentralized population, Persona Cloud scales to fit your exact needs.

With our simple subscription and SaaS delivery model, you’ll experience true value without having to worry about administrative load or costs.


Informed care decisions for better patient outcomes.

Physician & Patient Control

Physician ordered and patient opt-in onboarding processes for an unlimited number of devices/apps.

Billing & Reporting

Persona Cloud aligns patient generated data with RPM billing and reporting opportunities in your jurisdiction.

Data Management Tools

Understanding clinical workflow allows us to put the power in the user’s hands through orders and alerts.

Security & Privacy

Leveraging modern security architectures and approaches natively supports the requirements of GDPR and HIPAA.


Global thought leadership in health data standards facilitates direct integration into various clinical and business systems.

Only pay for what you use.

Optimize your organization’s technology spend. Rather than forcing you to pay for a minimum number of patients with bucket pricing, our subscription-based model means you only pay for the exact number of patients you are monitoring. No more. No less.