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Persona Mobile

Embedded patient intelligence.

Persona Mobile is an SDK for Apple and Android devices that you can easily embed into your own portal or mobile app. Connect directly to bluetooth-enabled health devices while leveraging the power of the Persona Cloud platform.

Perfect for tech-focused healthcare providers.

Adding another app or dashboard adds to the noise for both patients and healthcare providers. That’s why we created the ultimate SDK to make things easier for your patients while giving you access to data that can help provide better care. Embedding into your app is simple and straightforward, boosting your data pipeline “signal” without the complexity.

Don’t have a portal or app?

Use Persona’s ready-to-deploy app platform for delivering an integrated RPM experience branded to your organization for both Android and iOS devices.


More signal, less noise.

Direct Bluetooth

Our SDK talks directly to bluetooth-enabled devices, reducing latency and potential for data connectivity challenges. No third party apps needed.

Expanding Engagement

Grow the scope of patient conversations by providing access to biometric data alongside other clinical data within your app.

Data Sovereignty

Data flows directly from the device to your app without having to travel across borders.

Security & Privacy

Leverage modern security architectures and approaches to natively support the requirements of GDPR and HIPAA.

Only pay for what you use.

Optimize your organization’s technology spend. Rather than paying for the SDK or app, our subscription-based model means you only pay for the exact number of patients you are monitoring. No more. No less.