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Thought leadership is just the start.

Our mission is to change the model of healthcare from “break/fix” to “predict and prevent”. We strive to accomplish this by dismantling the complexities around data exchange between patients and the healthcare system.

Shot of a doctor showing a patient some information on a digital tablet

Meet our leadership team.

Nick Egarhos

Co-founder, CEO

A dedicated advocate for empowering patients in their healthcare journey, Nick has collaborated with clients worldwide, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to enhance clinicians’ capabilities and elevate patient outcomes. With a career spanning over three decades in the tech industry, Nick has devoted the last two decades to healthcare, initially as a Senior Consultant with SAIC (now Leidos). In 2003, he seized the opportunity to establish his consultancy, culminating in a successful exit in 2017.

Since then, Nick has passionately championed health data standards, emphasizing data quality and interoperability, aligning with Persona’s core philosophy. His commitment is reflected in his recent contribution to Elsevier’s esteemed textbook, “Comprehensive Precision Medicine,” where he authored a chapter titled “Interfacing and Integrating Digital Technologies in the Electronic Health Record.” Nick’s wealth of experience underscores his profound dedication to advancing healthcare through technological innovation and data-driven insights.

When he’s not obsessing over the perfect data platform design, Nick can be found on the golf course with his wife of 27 years, talking on the phone with his three sons at college, smoking a brisket, or exploring the Okanagan Valley.

“Everyone wants things to be better but are resistant to change. That’s why great design is non-negotiable.

Brian Carlsen

Co-founder, CTO

Brian is a successful entrepreneur and technical leader with over 20 years experience developing software to make meaningful use of healthcare data. His career started in the public sector working for US government agencies including the National Library of Medicine and National Cancer Institute. He then worked as a vendor for standards development organizations like SNOMED International.

More recently, Brian delved into the private sector working for Apple Health and co-founding a cancer personal health record startup that successfully exited in 2021.

Brian is an expert in creating computable representations of semantically normalized health data and building scalable systems on top of that data to deliver real world solutions that benefit patients, providers, and the algorithms that serve them.

“Products should deliver a straightforward well-understood solution that just works.”